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Digital Greatness Series: The Future Digital Leader

28 June - 12pm GMT / 13.00 CET

Join us for a lively debate into the importance and core ingredients of developing and retaining future Digital Leaders AND creating an organisational environment that inspires new talent and sets them up for success in a Digitally Great company.

The ability to shape, develop and retain the best leaders to accelerate your digital journey, remains a challenge to all businesses. 


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Digital Transformation initiatives have taken hold of most organisations in the past decade. As a new generation of leaders comes to the forefront, most of them have seen the good, bad and ugly of Digital Transformation projects in their rise to a leadership position. Does this guarantee that learnings from the past have been taken onboard? Do digital leaders require the same skill set and experience as previously required? And have organisations evolved to accommodate dedicated digital leaders and if so, are their views listened to at the board level?


We are looking to explore how organisations have created ‘digital’ roles and their leaders, what influence these leaders have within the organisation and how the continuous development of the digital sector shapes the demand for skills, ways of working and communication. Different organisations will have different ways of getting to their goals. The sharing of ideas, challenges and solutions in this webinar aims to help those attending, in their journey.


At this online event in our Digital Greatness series, join our panel of industry experts:


  • Daisy Donald, Principal Consultant at FT Strategies
  • Leona Sharp, Product Owner at Heineken
  • Joanna Steel, Head of Engineering at Aviva
  • Rob Whelan, Managing Consultant at AND Digital


and Emily Brosnan, Consulting Practice Lead at AND Digital.


Topics include:

  • Digital Leadership diagnostics (behaviours, personality, leadership style)
  • Communicating vision and digital direction
  • Creating added value for the organisation
  • Crafting a culture & environment
  • Empowering teams to high performance

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12:00 PM

Welcome & Introductions

Emily Brosnan will introduce the panelists and provide the background to the 7 characteristics of Digital Greatness

12:05 PM

The Future Digital Leader

The panelists will discuss a variety of topics and provide insights into their roles & organisations

12:45 PM


Opportunity for the audience to ask questions

01:00 PM

Event wrap-up

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