Make it easy for your customers to buy - from any sales channel - wherever they're located

We'll help you to select and implement the right Product Information Management (PIM) system. As well as maximise its benefits by addressing your internal processes and ways of working...


We're experienced in delivering PIM solutions for our clients that are supported by a new organisational approach to commerce.

Together, we'll identify your challenges, make personalised PIM recommendations to address them, and define a clear roadmap and plan of action to realise the greatest value from your investment.

Enabling you to benefit from:

  • Ease of use - assign different roles and permissions to quickly and easily empower your internal teams, allowing them to easily create and manage catalogues that effectively target the customers and markets that matter to you.
  • Access to new markets - scale quickly and simply to reach new customers across every sales channel and geographical market - websites, apps, social, marketplaces, bricks and mortar stores.
  • Brand consistency - give your customers a consistent, enjoyable buying experience that builds brand equity, wherever they choose to shop.
  • Time savings - automatically translate language, convert currencies and units of measurement, reducing the time your team spends on manual data input and minimising the risk of errors.

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Closing the world's digital skills gap

For composable enterprises, there’s a clear gap between the skills needed and those that currently exist, and that gap is only growing. That’s why we’re on a mission to close the world’s digital skills gap.

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Building...A Progressive Re-platforming

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Join us as we explore the modernisation challenges that face organisations when re-platforming.

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Building...Your Own Ecosystem

On-demand webinar

Join us as we explore how to build an ecosystem that thrives on the right product mindset and culture.



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Learn how re-platforming gave NBrown the flexibility to grow at pace.

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